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  • Volkswagen Hybrid: Runaway Winner
    While Volkswagen is a pioneer in the auto-diesel industry, it is a neophyte in the hybrid market. Nonetheless, Volkswagen is hard at work on hybrid models that will make other hybrid makers sleep fitfully at night.

  • Touran HyMotion Technology On The VW Hybrid
    In addition to the Golf, another VW Hybrid in the making is the Jetta, which is undergoing development in so far as a twin charger gasoline engine that is highly efficient is concerned.

  • Nissan Hybrid: Driving Like a True-Blue Nissan
    Nissan claims that they have the first hybrid that drives like a true Nissan. Get to know the real story behind this marketing tagline and know which Nissan hybrid car is currently on show.

  • Developing Green Cars: Nissan Hybrid
    The gasoline-operated Nissan Sentra is declared to have had passed to the California Air Resources Board Partial Zero Evaporative Emissions (PZEV) standard. Under the low-emission car qualification system of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in Japan, the latest Nissan 350z is declared as an ultra-low emission vehicle (ULEV).

  • Hyundai Hybrid Cars: Suspense
    South Korean car manufacturers have what it takes to compete against their hybrid-manufacturing car rivals. Hyundai hybrid cars are believed to be the most cost-efficient hybrid cars in the market today.

  • Waiting For Hybrid Hyundai Cars
    To compete against Toyota�s Hybrid Synergy Drive, Ford�s Toyota-like technology, Honda�s Integrated Motor Assist, and General Motor�s two-mode hybrid technology, the South Korean manufacturer is creating their own design for their Hyundai hybrids.

  • Nissan Hybrid Cars and Tax Breaks
    Car enthusiasts are getting more out of their Nissan hybrid cars. With the tax breaks hybrid owners are enjoying, no doubt hybrid sales will continue to increase in the coming years.

  • Announcing Altima: Nissan Hybrid Cars
    The 2007 Nissan Altima Hybrid Car features an extra hybrid electric system that helps diminish gas emissions and make the most of its gas mileage with an projected fuel economy of 41 mpg - miles per gallon - for city driving and 36 mpg - miles per gallon - for highway driving.

  • Best Hybrid Car: Which One Is It?
    Looking for the best hybrid cars in the compact, middle-sized and budget-car categories.

  • All Hybrid Cars Are Growing In Popularity
    For a car or a vehicle to be called a hybrid, as the term suggests, it must be run by a different mode of energy, such as batteries alone or by both fuel and batteries, or in some instances, by solar energy.

  • Hybrid Car Models For Singles And Families
    Currently, 60% of the total US hybrid sales goes to Toyota for its Toyota Prius model. Competing against Toyota are Honda, Ford and Chrysler.

  • Hybrid Car Reviews
    We can expect more hybrid car models to emerge in the near future, with sleeker designs and advanced specifications. The much anticipated feature for a hybrid model is a full plug-in capability, which is totally free from petroleum based fuel.

  • Hybrid Convertible In The Stockholm Motor Show
    In a recent Stockholm Motor Show, Saab unveiled to the eager public its new car innovation branded as BioPower Hybrid 9-3 Convertible Concept. Once totally manufactured and released, this will be the first hybrid convertible car ever that is fossil-fuel-free.

  • Saab Goes For The Hybrid Convertible
    The direct engine system or SIDI that will be utilized by this innovative hybrid convertible car will allow the whole automobile to run smoothly without any gas required. This system is already tested and is deemed to run perfectly even under cold weather conditions.

  • Hybrid Vans Are Moving People
    Currently only a few car manufacturers offer hybrid vans. The popular lines of hybrid vans come from Toyota, Chrysler (GM), and Ford.

  • Space And Power: Hybrid Vans
    Sienna's big brother, the Estima hybrid is the most popular of all lines and models of hybrid vans and minivans. It has a roomy interior, complete with high tech driver's control panel, advance gauges, and modern safety features to protect every person who rides in the car.

  • Hybrid Pickups Go Mild
    Pickups from General Motors are joining the hybrid bandwagon, with full-size pickups sporting mild-hybrid V8 engines. See how the Chevy Silverado Hybrid and the Sierra Hybrid from GMC paved the way for long-term marketability as hybrid pickups join the fray.

  • Comparing Hybrid Pickup
    Cruising on the highways at 21mpg and 19mpg for 2wheel drive and 4wheel drive, respectively, the Silverado is neck to neck with the Sierra. When these two hybrid pickups combine their gasoline and electric motors, both generate mileages of 19 miles and 18 miles to the gallon.

  • Hybrid Car Prices: A Good Buy?
    The projected release of 2008 Ford Escape is something to anticipate and currently, it has a price range between twenty-five to twenty-six thousand dollars, one of the those expensive hybrid car prices.

  • Prius And Civic Hybrid Car Prices
    The 2007 Ford Escape has a much higher price, and also has one of the most expensive hybrid car prices to date this year.

  • Hybrid Van: Toyota Sienna Leads The Way
    The Toyota Sienna hybrid is the first hybrid van to be offered in the car market. Japanese car manufacturer, Toyota, developed this 2.4-liter, 4-cylinder hybrid van engine to answer the growing pleas of car consumers to have more options when it comes to minivans.

  • Toyota and Daimler-Chrysler Push For Hybrid Van
    The Sienna hybrid van is expected to produce 270 horsepower and with an acceleration of 0 to 60 in eight seconds. It is set with an Electronically Controlled Brake (ECB) system that allows skillful hybrid van braking power and an optimum management of the Toyota' Sienna hybrid van reviving brake structure.

  • Used Hybrid Cars: Looking For Best Value
    For those in the know, they say that Toyota Prius remains to be the best hybrid car, whether new or used. It is a bit pricier, however, than other makes and models of used hybrid cars.

  • Shopping For Used Hybrid Cars
    Learn the best places to find used hybrid cars.

  • Hybrid Car Sales Continue to Go Up
    According to experts, hybrid car sales will continue go up within the next few years. This is the car of the future that people can not get enough of.

  • Tax Incentives Boost Hybrid Car Sales
    In the US, hybrid car makers are very active in promoting hybrid cars to people and environmental groups and other concerned people are backing up their promotion, thus the message about hybrid has been reaching a large percentage of the American population.

  • Hybrid Minivan: Toyota Estima Takes Pole Position
    If you like family cars, you would like minivans, with their maneuverability and capacity for passenger and cargo. And bearing in mind the family, a hybrid minivan with added fuel-economy and environmentally-friendly efficiency catches your attention more.

  • All-Family Feel: Hybrid Minivans
    The Toyota Estima hybrid remains an eco-friendly minivan. Its hybrid electric train allows it to efficiently consume fuel without the toxic level of emission of dioxide gases.

  • Hybrid Pickup Truck Joins The Army
    The overall body style and framework of the hybrid pickup truck is based on another General Motor's product, the very famous and fabulous Chevy Silverado.

  • Fuel Cell Auxilliary Units On Hybrid Pickup Truck
    Fuel cell auxiliary units for pickup trucks don't only produce lesser noise but they also emit lesser heat as compared to regular power generators.

  • Hybrid Car For Sale: What You Need To Know
    The present tax incentive program for hybrid cars was put in order on January 1, 2006. It was integrated in the 2005 Energy Policy Act.

  • Questions And Answers: Hybrid Cars For Sale
    Finds out the hybrid car models on sale.

  • Hybrid Car Rental: Going Clean and Green
    There are now hybrid car rental companies that offer environment friendly hybrid cars. Know how to find one and learn the types of hybrid cars that they offer.

  • Scouting For Hybrid Rental Cars
    Finding the best deals when you are looking for hybrid rental cars.