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  • Hybrid Cars Honda: Performance To The Max
    Honda has always been at the forefront of automotive design and safety. Now, like its contemporaries, Honda is venturing into another frontier - environment-friendly cars - and what a winner it has to offer in the Accord Hybrid.

  • Protecting The Environment: Hybrid Cars Honda
    Built into the Honda Accord hybrid car is the vehicle-stability assist system that helps the driver maintain control of the car even under the worst conditions. The anti-lock braking system is standard. And there are side-curtain airbags for all the passengers.

  • Mercury Hybrid Cars: Highest Tax Credits
    Ford is unfailing in its hybrid commitment to create more advanced and fuel-efficient hybrids. With the new 2008 Mercury hybrid, more hybrid owners will soon be driving their highly-elegant Ford cars on the road.

  • Ford Green Technology: The Mercury Hybrid Car
    The Escape and Mercury hybrids both have been wonderful victories for Ford Motor. And with two additional hybrid babies coming in 2008, Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan, Ford is excited to continue living up to their worldwide commitment.

  • Ford Hybrids And Ethanol
    Let�s take a peek at Ford hybrid vehicles and know why these cars are hailed "Best Value in America".

  • Best Value Cars: Ford Hybrids
    As one of the elegant Ford hybrids, the Escape operates solely on electric motor in low load circumstances like city-type driving, stop and go. The vehicle�s battery, the alternative energy source, is regenerated during breaks and deceleration, and when it is running on gasoline.

  • Ford Hybrid Escape: The Green Mean Machine
    The Ford Escape Hybrid is one ideal environment �green� machine. Its low emissions and hybrid technology goes easy on the environment and its features go easy on the passengers, too.

  • Eco-Friendly: Ford Escape Hybrid Review
    With V6-like acceleration and four-wheel drive capabilities, a sporty 155 horsepower is generated by the combined maximum performance of the gasoline engine and the electric motor. The intelligent 4WD system lets the driver take on rugged terrain in a breeze.

  • Ford Hybrid Cars: Advancing Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Technologies
    Ford hybrid models, like the Escape Hybrid compact SUV, can run on electric motor at below 25 miles per hour, then on gasoline engine at high-speed, or, as will be determined by the hybrid system, on combination of both electric motor and gasoline engine.

  • Green Book Online On Ford Hybrid Cars
    Fords hybrids will carry standard equipments like hybrid-specific aluminum wheels, 4-wheel disc brakes and 4-wheel anti-lock brake systems, power windows and locks, power driver�s seat, cruise controls mounted on the steering wheel, front fog lamps, dash CD player, center console, anti-theft system, and tire-pressure monitors.

  • Saturn Hybrid Cars For The Working Man
    Saturn Corporation, the General Motors division offering innovation and value for money, enters the hybrid market, with hybrid models in the drawing board and production lines rolling out soon. Here is a sneak peek at some of Saturn�s hybrid offerings.

  • Most Affordable: Saturn Hybrid Car
    Saturn hybrids combine sophistication and precision top-of-the-line control systems, electric motor-generator, coupled with a 2.4 liter engine that all add up to great fuel economy readings.

  • Saturn Vue Hybrid: Budget-Smart, Eco-Friendly
    Best mileage, coupled with great features, and reasonable costs, make the Saturn Vue Hybrid one of the best-value SUVs in the market. Saturn aims to reach a greater number of potential hybrid customers with these come-ons.

  • Top Amenities For Saturn Vue Hybrid
    After the release and the ensuing success of Saturn Vue hybrid, Saturn will offer the Vue Green Line with front-wheel application, a two-mode hybrid system that is expected to further boost fuel efficiency by almost half of present standards.

  • Saturn Aura Hybrid: North American Car of the Year
    With the automotive industry swamping the market with hybrid vehicles, making a choice is not that easy. The Saturn Aura Green Line Hybrid makes it a less difficult task.

  • Power Package: Saturn Aura Hybrid
    The Saturn Aura Green Line Hybrid comes in a preferred package that includes an eight-way power adjustable driver�s seat, steering wheel audio controls, and outside heated power adjustable mirrors.

  • GM Hybrid Cars: A Holistic Lineup
    GM produces hybrid vehicles as part of its strategy to improve fuel economy and minimize emissions. Its hybrid line covers cars, SUVs, pick-ups, and even transit buses. Already plans are afoot to develop at least a dozen hybrid models.

  • Renewable Energy With General Motors Hybrid Cars
    This development of the E-flex System rides on GM�s several generations of fuel cell technology development: one that uses a lithium-ion battery that will allow up to 300 miles of emission-free, gas-less electric driving. The E-flex will be the ultimate zero emission vehicle that will operate on an all-electric platform generated from hydrogen fuel cell and grid electricity.

  • Saturn Hybrids: Mild Hybrids With Maximum Value
    General Motor offers the cheapest-priced hybrids -- the Saturn hybrids. Saturn mild hybrids are fuel-efficient with maximum value of features.

  • A Review Of Saturn Hybrid Cars
    While there are several auto critics saying that the VUE mild Saturn hybrids are merely promotional acts of General Motors, the cars actually have a good side to them. Unlike Toyota and Ford hybrids, the VUE hybrid will not lose towing power.

  • The Chevy Hybrid Cars - Silverado
    Designed to entice contractors, the Chevy Silverado hybrid is the foremost full size hybrid automobile offered to the public. As one of the Chevy hybrid cars, the Silverado hybrid truck has a Vortec V-8 motor generating 295hp, plus 335 lb-ft torque.

  • Camping Out With Chevy Hybrid Cars
    General Motors announced that the car manufacturer company would concentrate on full hybrid tech on bigger pickups and SUVs, like the Tahoe hybrid. GM stressed that manufacturing a mild hybrids have lower expenses judged over full hybrid vehicles like those of the Japanese carmakers.

  • Chevy Tahoe Hybrid: All-American SUV
    The 2008 Tahoe Hybrid is the first full-size hybrid SUV coming to America. It provides power and capabilities expected from a utility vehicle but it comes with the efficiency of a great hybrid, too.

  • Fuel Management Technology: The Chevy Tahoe Hybrid
    A special readout of the navigation radio display in the Tahoe Hybrid console will inform the driver of how the system is functioning. The 2-mode system of the Tahoe and the navigation display gives greater efficiency sense and smooth operation.

  • Chevrolet Hybrid: Charging As You Go
    Chevrolet offers the Silverado Hybrid as its bet in the hybrid market for pick-up trucks in the Chevy line.

  • Out-Of-Town With Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid
    Chevrolet is committed to coming out with practical vehicles that increasingly become less dependent on fuel and more zero-particle-emitting. The company is also into a new yet efficient technology more known as fuel-cell propulsion.

  • BMW Hybrid Car: Recovering 80% Heat Loss
    BMW has an interesting vision for their cars and it involves steam and gasoline. The BMW idea utilizes your vehicle�s washed out energy to improve power and gas-efficiency.

  • Low Carbon Residue: BMW Hybrid Car
    This BMW hybrid comes with Active Transmission to combine the electric motor with a conventional 6 speed automatic transmission. The hybrid produces 440 lb/ft torque and of this, 295 lb/ft is produced from the 80 horsepower electric motor.

  • Dodge Hybrid Cars: Designed To Be Recyclable
    With the increasing clamor for more environment-friendly cars, it is amazing to know that Dodge hybrid vehicles are recyclable. Astonishingly, the Intrepid ESX-3 is 80% recyclable.

  • The Intrepid Dodge Hybrid Cars
    The Dodge Intrepid ESX2 is the second iteration with an aim of 70 MPG. According to car manufacturer Chrysler, this is a mild hybrid (mybrid) since its dependence on electrical power is not exceedingly reliant on the battery.