2003 Honda Civic Hybrid: A Good Buy

Function-made hybrid cars were first marketed in 1999 in the United States, with the Honda Insight piloting the post-electric automobile charge. As with the Toyota Prius that ensued, the Insight’s unique design publicized the driver’s environmental apprehensions better than any toxin-emitting VW Microbus tied with Save-the-Whale posters ever could. After Insight's release, the 2003 Honda Civic hybrid came next.

Insight and Prius were significant in proving the advantages of hybrid drivetrains and opened the door for conventional machines to go in with the revolution. The perpetual best-selling efficient vehicle - the 2003 Honda Civic hybrid - was the first mass-produced automobile to have presented a hybrid system as strong as a powertrain selection, joining a model line that have featured cost-effective fuel engines and super low emissions. 

Features of a 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid

The 2003 Honda Civic hybrid presents a modern, more compact, and more vigorous version of the Integrated Motor Assist system, which was established on the Insight to make an almost-transparent option to the typical engines found every year in over 17 million new cars. Sporting an exterior almost the same with the more popular Civic LX and EX Sedans, the 2003 Honda Civic hybrid is the machinery of the future. 

A well-equipped 2003 Honda Civic hybrid has anti-lock brakes, front-seat side airbags, a distinctive electronic panel, automatic climate management, and four-speaker FM/AM/CD stereo. This vehicle has standard basic power features together with mirrors, door locks, and windows.

129 Pounds More in Weight

Spiritedly, this sedan is a Civic all the way through. The 2003 Honda Civic hybrid has all the agility and sophistication the model name holds.

There were a number of editors who commented on the upshots of the 63-pound battery pack. Several of them observed that the low, rear mounting  has assisted in settling the suspension, while some believed that the weight altered the character on tough roads. The 2003 Honda Civic hybrid is 129 pounds more than a regular manual-transmission EX model.

Moreover, the additional weights are boosted with less power. The 1.3 liter-gasoline engine supplies majority of the motive force, with 13-horsepower obtainable from the electric engines to extend under heavy load or during heavy acceleration. 

Performance of a 2003 Civic Honda hybrid vehicle is tepid to individuals asking for gear ratios that are more forceful. Nonetheless, the zero-to-60-mph dashes take a laid-back 11.3 seconds are adequate enough to manage daily commuter tasks without trouble.

Fuel-Effective Vehicle

To conserve gasoline, the 2003 Civic Honda hybrid engine shuts off when the car comes to a total, prolonged stop with the shifter in neutral. Then, the engine begins to back up when the gear is engaged.  However, it requires a gap to fire up prior to dropping the clutch. With this requirement for a right timing can make a professional driver feel like he's in a Driver’s Ed, driving a 2003 Civic Honda hybrid.

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