Driving The 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid

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The powertrain’s action is observed through an electronic gadget display that shows levels of charge against assist, battery state, present gasoline economy, normal fuel economy, including tachometer, fuel-level, speedometer, and coolant-temperature gauges. These alluring blue-colored gadgets help convert fossil-fuel conservations into a game: educating the driver to become more economical.

Need for Hybrid Cars

From the very beginning of automobile evolution, designers and engineers have been looking for ways and methods to make automobile more efficient. Over the years, engineers and designers searched for ways to save more on fuel usage.

Petrol fuels most of the vehicles while diesel fuels heavier automotive equipment. The internal combustion engine is deemed to be the main, if not the largest source of environmental contamination. With the erratic rise in the fuel prices and the growing environmental issues on automobiles, vehicle engineers created environment-friendly and economical alternatives to the internal combustion engines that typically power most vehicles. Thus, the birth of hybrid cars.

Hybrid vehicles like the 2003 Honda Civic hybrid cars have a string of advantages. Hybrid vehicles are powered by both gasoline engine and electric motor. These vehicles save more on fuel because they have lower rates of gasoline usage.

Sidebar: The next article is about the Honda hybrid SUV.

The electric motor powered by batteries takes over once the gasoline engine has gotten the hybrid car up and running.  Deceleration and braking creates energy that is used to power up the electric motor’s batteries. Once the hybrid car is stopped, the motor engine is automatically shut off.  This kind of system offers hybrid cars more fuel efficiency.

The biggest advantage of a hybrid vehicle is its decrease in environmental pollution due to lesser emissions of carbon dioxide and other unsafe gases.

So, what makes a 2003 Honda Civic hybrid a good buy? With the agility and elegance the Civic brand offers, hybrid cars will not only help you save on fuel consumptions.  Acquiring a hybrid vehicle allows you to be a responsible driver taking part in making a cleaner and safer environment.